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Research Interests

1. Quantum Materials and Hetero-interfaces


Many fascinating quantum phenomena and exotic materials properties have been reported in the newly developed quantum materials in recent years but an understanding of the fundamental physics is still lacking. In our lab, we are interested in light-matter interactions and electronic responses in these emerging quantum materials and their heterointerfaces in reduced dimensionality such as 2D vdW crystals, topological materials, multiferroics, organic semiconductors, quantum dots and nanowires. Magneto-optics and –electronics can be implemented from our micro-optoelectronics measurement system to exploit the novel condensed matter physics and materials science in order to connect the scientific discovery into the quantum technologies and applications.

2. Nanophotonics and Plasmonics

The new design of optical devices combined quantum materials with nanophotonic and plasmonic structures provides the unique opportunities offering the enhanced features and new functionalities in opto-electronic and magneto-optical devices. Quantum nanophotonics and magneto-plasmonics are of our particular interest, in which quantum phases or collective excitations of the matter can be strongly coupled to the light via quantum plasmonics or photonics structures, suggesting new platforms for quantum integrated circuits and quantum communication and networks applications.


3. Quantum Optics and Quatum Information Science


A quantum light (single-photon) emitter is an essential building block for quantum information, computation or cryptography applications, where single photon can be used as a “flying qubit (quantum bit),” transferring information over a large distance. Among various single photon sources (color centers, atom, ion, molecule, QDs, etc.) we are particularly interested in the solid-state quantum emitters such as defects in 2D vdW crystals and semiconductor QDs. In our lab, we will focus on not only advancing the fundamental understanding of their optical properties and electronic structures in quantum-level but also developing a new platform for interfacing between stationary (matter) and flying qubits in these materials for the next generation of quantum information applications.

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