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Welcome to Q-squared Lab!


Emerging low-dimensional materials such as 2D van der Waals crystals, topological insulators, nanowires and quantum dots have been attracting significant attention in aspect of photonic, optoelectronic and magnetic applications because of their enhanced features and new functionalities. These functional properties offer unique platforms when they are coupled to photonic and plasmonic structures, enabling advanced applications such as photon sources, photodetectors, modulators, sensors and energy conversion devices. In our lab, we are pursuing a better understanding of fundamental physics of these new materials in order to overcome existing disadvantages and limitations, and developing novel and innovative photonics, opto-electronics, spintronics, and quantum information applications.


  • Robyn Cooker (undergrad, REU program) performs her REU research in the group, welcome, Robyn! (May 2021)

  • Jacob Scheer (undergrad) joined the group, welcome, Jacob! (May 2021)

  • Michael Anderson (graduate) joined the group, welcome, Michael! (Apr. 2021)

  • Lincoln received Goldwater Scholarship, many congrats, Lincoln! (Apr. 2021)

  • Bumsu received NRC/ASEE Postdoctoral Research Publication Award (Apr. 2020)

  • Lance Griswold (undergrad) joined the group, welcome, Lance! (Aug. 2020)

  • Scott Newlon joined the group, welcome, Scott! (Aug. 2020)

  • Mose Gaither-Ganim (graduate) joined the group, welcome, Moses! (Jun. 2020)

  • Lincoln Weber (undergrad, with Prof. Talapatra) joined the group, welcome, Lincoln! (Feb. 2020)

  • Bumsu received Montana Instruments Lab Startup Grant Award (Platinum) (Oct. 2019) 


Open Positions

Our lab is currently looking for motivated undergraduates and graduate students.

If you are interested in learning and doing research in the exciting experimental quantum optics and quantum materials,

please send a message to Bumsu via email:

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